Website Hosting Service Level Agreement

7. Server file level backups are made every morning after 1 hour. If the backup is interrupted (including, but not limited to network interruptions) or if the backup is damaged, the last recovery point is the last successful backup copy. Backup complements are monitored by WNW Digital, if problems arise, they are treated as “critical issues.” Database backups are created using the MySQL dump and stored locally on the server. If Root-MySQL`s password is changed, these backups will fail. The backup call must be made by creating a ticket on WNW Digital and specifying the following details. The host name of the server. Complete path of the recovered file or the receiver. The date from which the fuse must be recovered. A valid location where the backup must be copied.

When you go through ALS, you will have a clear idea of how long the hosting company will take to deal with the problems. These agreements mention the time frame for resolving these issues, as well as the time it takes to respond to your call. There is therefore no room for confusion between the two parties as to what the customer can expect in the event of a service issue and how the provider prioritizes it. The company guarantees at least 99.99% network availability. Network availability is defined as the ability to switch TCP/IP traffic in and out of the company`s network. The unavailability of application servers and email servers due to loss of network availability is not included in the calculations of email server or application availability, or whether the loss of network availability is due to factors outside the company`s sphere of influence, including factors such as national and international backbone issues or the customer part of the network, denial of service or similar attacks against the company`s servers or the company`s network. Assumptions about in-scope services and/or components include: The hosting service itself is therefore set in a calendar, along with the fees to be paid. This way, you can apply the same basic agreement to multiple transactions with different customers and different hosting packages.

When you complete this calendar, you will give as much detail as possible. A full specification of the hosting package should be included, as well as complete information on fees and payments. Once completed, this document should be a kind of “manual”; – a comprehensive reference for both parties, which should provide the necessary information to both parties to meet their obligations. Partial refund (up to 50%) Accommodation costs must be paid to the customer if they terminate the web hosting service during the first six months of a hosting period, as long as: for the purposes of this agreement, the services to be provided by the Company (“Services”) are provided by the company and for which the customer has agreed to pay on the basis of the customer`s click through the options on the company`s website.